September 7, 2012

Republicans Need To Stop The Hate

When it comes to politics, I'm pretty libertarian. I tend to agree with Republicans on fiscal issues and Democrats on rights issues.

As a libertarian I don't think that redistribution programs really help society, or even the individuals receiving the redistributions. And the hefty expense of them isn't cool, either. I could explain why, but I'm sure that would start a debate with some of you, and that's not what I'm going for. The point is that in the past, given the choice between the two main political parties, I would've gone with the Republicans because I don't like large welfare or other spending programs.

I've said that if democrats would just take a college economy course, they'd be perfect. And if the republicans would stay out of our bedrooms, they'd be perfect.
One issue that makes me uneasy about supporting any republican, though, is gay and women's rights. The only really heated debates I've had with people over the past few years have been about gay rights in particular. It really pisses me off that someone could feel so superior as to tell others who they can and cannot love.

But now I'm adopting a policy of not supporting any Republican from now on, unless they are publicly pro-choice and very libertarian as far as their human rights beliefs go.
Why? This Todd Akin asshole. It's just way too over the top.

The Republicans have thrown away generation after generation of voters with their infatuation with controlling our personal beliefs, what we can do with our bodies, and who we can love. I'm sick of seeing elected officials lecture women about rape and gays about love.

Republicans need to give up on the oldest generation of voters, and the religious nuts. There are millions of voters in the younger age groups who would be happy to embrace them, if they would only stop the hate.

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