September 18, 2012

Sprint's Online Customer Service Sucks

I have an iPhone 4S, but I may as well have an old Nokia phone. I haven't had any data access over 3G for the better part of two months.

I finally got around to contacting Sprint with their online chat on September 2nd. The representative I talked to instructed me to switch my phone off, and then assured me that he had fixed the problem. The problem was not fixed.

Today, I contacted Sprint for the second time, explaining the issue again. The representative led me through several steps, some of them more than once, and wasted about half an hour of my time to tell me he can't fix it and that I would need to call their support department. I would've loved to know that from the beginning.

Both of the chat representatives seemed to speak very poor English, and neither of them were knowledgeable.

I shouldn't have had a technical problem in the first place, so the least Sprint could do is fix it. Or rather, hire "specialists" who know how to fix it.