November 5, 2012

Is Sex Dying?

Our culture is sexually confused.

Anal sex is more popular than ever, sex shops are reporting massive increases in the sale of nipple clamps, and the average age a boy is exposed to pornography is 14. Sexy stuff, huh? On the other hand, a 2011 article published by Psychology Today concluded that the use of Internet pornography is breeding a generation of men who cannout be aroused by their actual, real-life partners, and that "many are becoming convinced that [erectile dysfunction] at twenty-something is normal." Not so sexy.

We're talking more and more openly about sex, and we're happily exposed to every sexy part of the human body that can be used to sell us beer, cars, and deodorant—but sex itself seems to be becoming less and less fun. Only 64% of women report having an orgasm in their last sexual encounter (despite 85% of men thinking their partner had an orgasm), and a recent survey showed that 63% of women would rather "do something else" than have sex with their husbands, with watching a movie being the most popular alternative.

As a society, we can't make up our minds between getting our freak on and collapsing in bed, bored and dissatisfied.

Is sex dying?

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