March 4, 2013

Uniqueness and diversity

Consider for a moment uniqueness, and just how unique you are. You are an individual—there has not been another like you at any point in history. On a deeper level, you were born into this life in order to be unique and build upon that uniqueness.

Old ideas of spirituality and religion saw Earth as a testing ground of sorts, or a lesson to be learned. That was the belief of reward and punishment, or heaven and hell. Derived from these beliefs was the idea of what a "good person" was, and the idea that we came here to evolve. And that once you had evolved, you could leave.

Fortunately, those ideas are beginning to shift now. We're beginning to understand that this life isn't some kind of lesson—it's the only life there is. The previous idea was all about getting back to where we came from, so why would we have left in the first place? We were all born the same, and those old beliefs would have us continue to be the same. On the contrary, we were born to be diverse. It's time to stop seeing the human as substandard, or inferior, and seeking to get back to the superior, or the divine. We should be working to bridge the two together, rather than abandoning the former for the latter. It's not about leaving here, or "ascending" from here, it's about understanding your uniqueness and realizing that you're here to be unique—not to be some ideal of a "good person."

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