November 28, 2013

Wishing you a happy, analog Thanksgiving

Hard to believe as it may be, Thanksgiving is upon us once again. To those in the U.S. who celebrate it, I wish you and your family the best, and I urge you to strive for a strictly analog holiday.

Most days, we're surrounded by our gadgets and constantly connected to our digital families. But Thanksgiving is a day reserved for real family (and friends). Put your technology away and enjoy their company (and some turkey).

Here's the deal: you're allowed one "happy Thanksgiving" tweet or Facebook status. No cat pictures or stupid GIFs should be shared today—those may resume first thing in the morning. Don't even think about checking in on Foursquare. Everyone knows where you are—you're at your home, or someone else's.

Keep it simple and analog today. Enjoy the company of your family and friends, and be grateful for their presence in your life. Anything could be lost at any moment, so appreciate what you're fortunate enough to have on this fine November Thursday.

Have a beautiful day, all.

November 11, 2013

Forever and always

Last night, at bedtime, I put Forever And Always by Parachute in my headphones and settled down to sleep. By the end of the song, I was crying hot tears. I couldn't stop.

Music, perhaps the most human of instincts and inventions, can do that at its very best: reach right past our rational minds, beyond any analysis or cynicism, directly to our emotions. Then it can draw those feelings out and bring them to the surface, even when we didn't know exactly what was in there.

Heartbreak comes in many different flavors. There's the heartbreak of rejection, of unrequited love. There's the heartbreak of breaking up, of losing love. There's the heartbreak of getting dumped, of not being loved anymore.

But worst of all is the heartbreak of having been in love, for years, and both of you still being in love. But someday one of you is going to die. And no one, neither of you, not anyone else, can do anything about it.

That is my greatest fear. I didn't invite Will Anderson's voice there, but somehow it seems to know, so when it breaks down my barriers and taps the depths, that's where it goes, and what comes out.

November 5, 2013

Fighting traffic and cancer

Shout out to Pittsburgh blogger Lemonscarlet, who has been writing about her experience with cancer. Cancer isn't the only thing she's fighting, though—she also has to deal with traffic (traffic!). Will Reynolds Young introduced me to her blog on tonight's episode of VentureBreak Weekly. What I love about it is that she portrays herself as an authentic human being, rather than just a cancer patient. Too often cancer consumes the identities of its victims, causing them and those around them to lose sight of who they really are.

Pay her blog a visit.