December 26, 2013

Leaning out

Last year, like so many others, I resolved to live a healthier life and lose a little bit of weight. I haven’t managed to stick with it, probably because I didn’t have a clear plan. As of today, I’m implementing a new diet/exercise plan to lean out and build muscle over the next few weeks.

This week, I’m cutting my carb intake in half for four days. On Monday, I will return to my regular portions. Returning to regular carb levels after a drastic reduction should increase my metabolism and muscle-building efficiency.

In addition to four days of reduced carbs, I will be eliminating carbs completely from my last meal of the day—every day. Going to bed with a lower blood-sugar level as a result of avoiding carbs at dinner, the body will increase its production of growth hormone (GH), which should accelerate fat loss by increasing my metabolism and boosting muscle growth.

As for the rest of the plan:

  • Week 1: Reduce carbs by half for four days; eliminate carbs from last meal.
  • Week 2: Add two 30–40-minute cardio sessions per week; add 50 grams of protein per day.
  • Week 3: Further reduce carbs on one day to as little as 25% of my normal intake.
  • Week 4: Schedule 40 minutes of medium- to high-intensity cardio first thing in the morning.
  • Week 5: Enjoy a 500–700-calorie cheat meal on a regular carb day; add 50% more sets to weight workouts.
  • Week 6: Take a three-day break from the entire plan, then start again.

I’m also getting more serious about my fast food ban, and I’m eliminating soda as a beverage option (with rare exceptions, such as my Week 5 cheat meal).

I’ll be documenting the process and experience here as I move forward—mostly for myself, but also for anyone who cares to follow my progress.

I only have one body, so I should probably take care of it. That begins now.

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